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Ali M.

Director Ali M., a native of Pakistan, grew up listening to his grandmother’s tales of war, lost wealth, and the miracle of life. This, combined with his love of literature and film have made Ali a storyteller in his own right.
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Natasha Paracha is the chairperson for Pakistani Affairs with the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization and former Miss Pakistan World.
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Dancer, fashionista, and culture aficionado.
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Born in India and raised in the business of fashion; growing up in her mother’s boutique and at trade-shows where her father sold wholesale. She also spent a significant amount of time in design for private labels and in global merchandising for corporate fashion legends Ralph Lauren and BCBG MaxAzria.
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Papa Carl

Founder of "Jam for Life Foundation" and survivor of double organ transplant. He promotes organ and tissue donor awareness through music and the arts.
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Member of Peace Corps.
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